Each week, I try to create a new cake. These cakes are from books, inspired by other sites and sometimes are my own original designs.

On this site, you'll be able to see a gallery of the cakes I've created. You can suggest cakes you'd like to see, ask questions about how I created certain designs, etc.

The cakes featured on this site are not for sale. This is purely for entertainment and educational purposes and hopefully it will help some of you out when you make your own cakes.

I hope to inspire and to be inspired.


Kelley Stockton

Ask Kelley

Q: Hi Kelley!

I absolutely love your cakes, you are truly talented!  I have a question about your Paris cake.  I am attempting to create a cake similar in design for my daughters 7th birthday party.  Could you please tell me what size pan you used and how many layers you used for this cake?  Also, approximately what size were your letters?  ...

A: Thanks Wendy, for your kind words!  ...more...

Cake of the Week

  • Featured Cake: Underwater Adventure Cake
  • The Underwater Adventure Cake is a three-tiered, three flavored cake made to celebrate my niece being cancer free.