Crazy Beautiful Cakes - Cake of the Week

Underwater Adventure Cake

Underwater Adventure Cake The Underwater Adventure cake was made for my niece who has spent most of the last year fighting cancer. This was her birthday cake and for a celebration that she's finished treatment and is now cancer free!

Underwater Adventure Cake The cake is a three tier underwater themed cake. Each tier was a different flavor: butterscotch cake with butterscotch ganache; caramel apple; and chocolate.

Underwater Adventure Cake The cake features numerous underwater themed handmade fondant creatures and decorations. Each layer has stylized waves. The top is a large wave made of fondant covered rice crispy treats and painted with royal icing.

Underwater Adventure Cake The bottom layer features a whale, a school of fish, starfish, sea anemones, a octopus and some shells. The middle layer has more shells, another starfish, three swimming sea turtles, a sand dollar and some seaweed.

Underwater Adventure Cake The top layer has more anemones, a group of sharks, more shells and coral, as well as more sea shells and some sea cucumbers.