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"A Piece of Cake" Cake

The "A Piece of Cake" Cake was created on or around 2009-06-27.

The "A Piece of Cake" cake was created for the 2009 Threadcakes competition. The creation photos are available on the Threadcakes gallery.

A Piece of Cake - Threadcakes Contest Entry for 2009The cake was created by baking a round cake and cutting it into a slice that looks like a large slice of cake. It's not possible to see it in the photos, but the piece is not actually shaped like a round cake or pie slice. Instead of the tip stopping at what would be the center of the full cake, the piece was actually extended well beyond the center in order to get the right dimensions needed for the carving without having to bake a giant 18" round cake.  The cake was orange-flavored with chocolate ganache.

A Piece Of Cake - Hand carved word I created a paper with a nice block font and re-sized it in Photoshop to be the dimensions of the cut piece of cake. I used the paper template to help determine what parts of the cake needed to be removed in order to clearly spell the word "piece along the side of the cake. The letter positioning and size was adjusted in order to give the best aesthetic and to make sure the word was carvable and easily readable.

A Piece Of Cake - The word Another paper template was used on the icing side of the cake to carve the word "cake" in the fudgy chocolate ganache that covered the cake. This one had to not only be adjusted for dimensions and letter spacing, but it also had to be reversed since the t-shirt design had the frosted side of the cake showing the word "cake" in reverse.

A Piece Of Cake - The word The "A" in the top of the cake was created by brushing more chocolate ganache on the top of the cake. It's fairly subtle, but the "A" in the t-shirt design is fairly subtle as well, so I think it works well. I also did the shell design on the back of the cake in a way I felt closely resembled the design of the t-shirt while also keeping in mind that this is a real-world cake and not just an illustration.

The cherry was modeled out of fondant with gum tragacanth and twisted into the "of". When it's all put together the cake spells out its own name "A Piece of Cake". The design of the cake is based on the "A Piece of Cake" threadless t-shirt design.

Finally, I left (and placed) a few crumbs on the cake board to attempt to match the design of the t-shirt which also showed a few crumbs beside the cake.