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Alphabet Cookies

The Alphabet Cookies was created on or around 2009-01-04.

Alphabet Cookies I created the alphabet cookies by first baking a batch of sugar cookies from my favorite sugar cookie recipe from Elisa Strauss' Confetti Cakes book.

Alphabet Cookies Once the cookies have cooled, I pipe the edge of the top of the cookies with royal icing to create a border.

Alphabet Cookies Next, the outlines I created are flooded with thinned royal icing.

Alphabet Cookies After the icing is completely set, the backs of the rice paper images (which I previously cut into rectangles) are brushed with piping gel and adhered to the center of the cookies.

Alphabet Cookies After placing the cookies face down on the rice paper images to dry for an hour, I bagged the cookies in their own individual cellophane bags.

Alphabet Cookies I sealed the bags by tying a ribbon around the opening.

Alphabet Cookies Then, the cookies are placed in a box with bubble wrap to be shipped to their destination.

Alphabet Cookies The cookies were sent via mail and fortunately arrived all in one piece.

Alphabet Cookies Custom rice paper images can be created using edible ink at your local cake supply store.

Alphabet Cookies In this case, the images were sold on the rice paper already at fancyflours, just waiting to be put onto cookies.

Using rice paper images on cookies really makes for some beautiful cookies that are not too hard to make. I highly recommend them.