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Animal Alphabet Cookies

The Animal Alphabet Cookies was created on or around 2010-05-27.

Animal Alphabet Cookies I was inspired by Elisa Strauss' animal cookies in her book "Confetti Cakes for Kids".  The animal alphabet cookies started out as regular sugar cookies from her sugar cookie recipe.

Animal Alphabet Cookies I then piped icing around the outside to act as border. The border icing should be the same color as the animal.

Animal Alphabet Cookies After the border icing has dried a bit, the animal is filled in by flooding thinned royal icing onto the cookie.

Animal Alphabet Cookies It is important to make sure your border icing is solid and doesn't have any holes. Otherwise it can be a big mess.

Animal Alphabet Cookies After the royal icing dries, I piped on details like eyes, nostrils, manes, etc.

Animal Alphabet Cookies For cookies like the cow where there are two main colors, the main color is white and the spots are painted on using a food safe marker.

After all the details are in place, the letters are affixed to the cookies. The letters are created with fondant punched out with a cookie cutter.