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Animal Print Cakes

The Animal Print Cakes was created on or around 2008-10-17.

Animal Print Cakes The animal print cakes were created as supplements to the Flintstone's Cake. The patterns used for the cake were meant to look similar to the clothing worn by the flintstones characters.

The patterns in the cake were created with fondant. For the stripes, I rolled out light purple fondant.  I rolled skinny ropes of dark purple fondant and layed it on top of the lighter fondant. Then, using a rolling pin I flattened the ropes into the lighter fondant and made them all flat.  By varying the width of the dark purple fondant rope I was able to make the widths of the stripes change in a more realistic way.

For the leopard print, I rolled out tan fondant.  I then pinched off small pieces of black fondant flattened them slightly, and placed them all over the tan fondant. On top of that I pinched off even smaller pieces of brown fondant and set it onto the black pieces.  The position of the brown fondant changed (don't just put them in the center of the black fondant). After that, the process is the same.  I used a rolling pin to flatten the fondant. The black and brown fondant will squish into a realistic looking animal print pattern.

One cake was "princess" flavored and the other was a vanilla/strawberry swirl cake.