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Apple Basket Cupcakes

The Apple Basket Cupcakes was created on or around 2008-05-05.

Apple Basket Cupcakes These cupcakes were inspired by the Hansens' book "Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse".  The apple basket cupcakes started out as spice apple cupcakes.  After baking, I removed them from their paper cups and placed the cupcakes on doilies. Since even the sides of the cupcakes are decorated, the baking cups had to be removed.

Apple Basket Cupcakes The cupcake was then decorated using a dulce de leche buttercream.  I dyed different shades of the buttercream and "striped" them inside a piping bag to pipe out with a flat tip to make the wooden slats on the sides of the cupcake.  Red buttercream was piped in large circles on the top for apples and green buttercream piped with a leaf tip made the leaves.