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Autumn Leaves Cake

Autumn Leaves Cake The autumn leaves cake was created as a group birthday cake for teachers at our daughters' school. Each chocolate leaf displays the name of one of the teachers having a birthday.

Autumn Leaves Cake Each chocolate leaf was molded from a real leaf (very well cleaned) so that there are realistic vein markings in each of the leaves.

Autumn Leaves Cake The cake was Neapolitan flavored (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cake layers with vanilla buttercream and strawberry fillings, and covered in chocolate ganache). The sides were covered in large slabs of overlapping chocolate pieces.

The chocolate tiles were created by using a chocolate transfer sheet which can likely be found at your local cake shop. The transfers are laid face down on the table and warm melted chocolate is spread over the sheet, which causes the cocoa butter designs to melt and stick to the chocolate instead of the acetate sheet it was printed on.  Once the chocolate has hardened, the tiles can be picked up and placed around the outside of the cake.