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Baby Flower Cake

The Baby Flower Cake was created on or around 2010-01-16.

Baby Flower Cake The baby flower cake was a cake made for a friend of mine.  It features a round, white fondant covered cake.  I was inspired by a cake created by a Cake Central's member (I don't have the original baker's information). 

Baby Flower Cake Growing up the side of the cake is a pink flower which lays in the center of the cake.  The petals were made from pink gumpaste dusted with more pink petal dust at the center of each petal.

Baby Flower Cake In the center of the flower is a very realistic looking baby figurine. The baby figurine was created using a silicon mold with flesh colored fondant. I then hand painted it to give it a more realistic texture and look.

The bottom of the cake is surrounded by hand rolled fondant beads.