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Baby Things Cake

Baby Things Cake The baby things cake was created for a going away party for a friend who was a church nursery worker.  The cake was inspired by the baby clipart designs on the three-tiered "Oh-baby" cake featured in "The Whimsical Bakehouse" book by the Hansens. 

Baby Things Cake The Banana Fosters cake is frosted in a rum-cinnamon buttercream frosting.

Baby Things Cake The top and sides of the cake have numerous chocolate clip-art designs. I created the designs by printing out the image I want to create in chocolate -- backwards -- and then layering various colors of chocolate (upside-down) to create the designs. The trick is to remember that everything needs to go on backwards of what you might thing in order to get a flat front image.  The back of the chocolate pieces are usually pretty bumpy.

This same sort of technique can be seen in the Cowboy Cake, the Chocolate Face Cake and the Ode to Colorado Cake.