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Beaded Purse Cake

The Beaded Purse Cake was created on or around 2009-02-07.

Beaded Purse Cake The beaded purse cake is my entry into the 2009 ICES "Sweet Time in the Rockies" cake competition. It won first place for the "Celebration Cakes" category for the professionals division. In the background, you can see my "Dead Man's Chest Cake" which was another one of my three entries in the competition.

Beaded Purse Cake This cake is a competition cake meaning that it follows normal cake decorating techniques, but the part that would be cake is really made out of styrofoam.  This is done since the cakes stay on display for several weeks.  This beaded purse cake is still on my fireplace mantle over a year and half later and nothing has degraded on the cake except the pink fondant has turned back into white with time. 

Beaded Purse Cake After shaping the cake, I cut out pieces of pink fondant which I pressed into a leather texture.  These pieces were placed on the cake. I ran a serated roller used for transferring sewing patterns over the edges of the cake to simulate sewing holes that would appear in a real designer leather purse.

I then piped on thousands of "beads" with royal icing. Each of these beads were then hand-painted, individually, with a mixture of luster dust and vodka. Each of the beads ended up a little pointy. I was told that adding piping gel to my royal icing would have helped to prevent these points.

I created the bamboo handle by hand-molding each piece of bamboo from gumpaste and then holding them together with jeweler's wire. The bamboo texture was hand-painted with brown food color gel thinned with vodka to make it look realistic. I've received many complements on the realism of the bamboo handles and actually taught a class on how to create the purse cake, including the bamboo handle at one of our monthly ICES meetings.