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Blue Princess Pillow Cake

The Blue Princess Pillow Cake was created on or around 2008-12-23.

Blue Princess Pillow Cake I created the blue princess pillow cake for my niece's 13th birthday celebration. She wanted a Red Velvet cake with peppermint buttercream filling.  As with the Princess Pillow Cake and the Triple Princess PIllow Cakes, the cake is carved in a pillow shape.

Blue Princess Pillow Cake I overlaid the cake with fondant and created the satin texture by using a traditional shaving brush to apply a vodka/edible glitter solution. Of course the shaving brush is only using for making cakes! The vodka evaporates quickly and helps with the application of the sparkly bits. Vodka is also used rather than water since water would make the fondant sticky.

Blue Princess Pillow Cake The pillows are surrounded by ropes and tassles that are created by extruding and twisting fondant.

The tiara is created by drawing out a design on paper.  The more symetrical it is, the better it looks. I then wrap the paper around an oatmeal container and cover the design with parchment paper. I pipe on white chocolate over the design. Usually it takes a couple of layers to build up enough (around three layers) to support its own weight when taken of the form. Sugar jewels and dragees can be used for additional decorations.

With this cake, it was accidentally re-cooked. Unfortunately it was mistaken for a pasta dinner that was wrapped in foil and was placed in the oven to re-heat. By the time the mistake was realized the tiara was a puddle.