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Camaro Car Cake

Camaro Car Cake The Camaro car cake was created for a daughter who wanted to surprise her father on his birthday.  Throughout growing up, the car had always met a lot to both - they would work on the car as well as race it together.

Camaro Car Cake In order create the Camaro cake, I purchased and watched a DVD from Mike's Amazing Cakes (video available at cakenology).  Mike shows how to create a Ford Mustang cake, but the techniques used apply to any kind of car cake. I also bought a metal car model as close as possible to the "Night Gallery" camaro I'd soon be creating. Since the car is custom, there are no models that exactly match the car, and I had to make adjustments and add special custom pieces to match the real car.

Camaro Car Cake I was provided with some photos of the car from a few angles (the original photos can be seen embedded in some of the larger images (click to see them). 

Camaro Car Cake After carving the cake and covering it in fondant, I hand painted the logo, lightning bolts and other graphics that appeared on the car. (His daughter helped with the painting as well for a little hands-on lesson in cake decorating).

The cake was a chocolate pound cake with vanilla buttercream filling.