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Cheeseburger Cake

The Cheeseburger Cake was created on or around 2008-07-30.

Cheeseburger Cake The cheeseburger cake was created for our nephew's birthday party. It is a large cake cheeseburger complete with all the toppings, including fondant cheese, fondant onions, fondant tomatoes, fondant lettuce and fondant condiments.  The "buns" were yellow cake and the "meat patty" was a chocolate rice krispie treat dusted with dark cocoa powder for a realistic grilled look.

Cheeseburger Cake The ketchup is a little dish of strawberry jelly. The over-sized fries were created from slabs of twice-baked cake. Baking it the second time browns it a bit and gives it a little bit of crispiness, just like real fries, except these are made of cake and taste sweet and delicious. The "sesame seeds" on the top of the bun are sunflower seeds.

The entire over-sized cheeseburger cake and fries were served up on a standard cafeteria tray. That should give you an idea of the size of the cheeseburger cake.