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Chocolate Face Cake

Chocolate Face Cake The chocolate face cake was not created for any particular occasion, but to practice my chocolate portraiture techniques. The cake features a large chocolate slab with a four-tone chocolate portrait of our daughter. The portrait is made of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a mixture of milk and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Face Cake To create the portrait, I took a digital photo of our oldest daughter and converted it to 4 tone image and reversed it left to right.  I printed it and overlayed it with a piece of parchment paper.  Each tone for the portrait is then piped on and connected to the others. This creates a solid chocolate slab upside-down which is completely smooth.  Once the chocolate slab has dried, it can be released from the parchment paper, flipped over and placed on the cake.

The chocolate chip pound cake was taken to my husband's work and enjoyed.