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Christmas Cake Pops

The Christmas Cake Pops was created on or around 2010-12-15.

Christmas Cake Pops The Christmas cake pops are made by molding cake into the shape of the tree or hat. The trees are decorated with green candy coating with decorations made of colored candy pieces. A candy star tops off the tree. The tree texture is made by painting on candy coating with a brush to make the surface rough and irregular.

Christmas Cake Pops The santa hats start out with a similar shape made with cake. They are are covered with red candy coating. The top "fuzz ball" is made with a white spherical candy. The base of the hat is decorated with white sugar crystals.

Christmas Cake Pops The cake pops have sticks inserted so they can be easily handled and eaten without getting candy coating all over your hands.

Christmas Cake Pops The cake pops come from Bakerella's website and book.

Christmas Cake Pops The Frosty the Snowman cake pops start out as standard cake balls. They are dipped in white chocolate candy coating.

Christmas Cake Pops Frosty's hat is made of a chocolate dot for the brim and a Roll-o for the hat. Frosty's nose is made from a Red Hot candy. His eyes are also made of candy.

Christmas Cake Pops Frosty's pupils and smile are drawn on with a food-safe pen.