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Cow Skull Cake

The Cow Skull Cake was created on or around 2008-11-07.

Cow Skull Cake The cow skull birthday cake was created for my husband's birthday cake. It was a chocolate-bourbon cake covered in vanilla fondant.  Why a cow skull cake?  Is my husband a cowboy, into southwestern art, or fond of country music?  No, no, and not really.  The same inspired cake was in Colette Peter's "Colette's Birthday Cakes" book I was flipping through and I just HAD to try to create this same cake.  Since the next available birthday coming up was my husband's--voila! Cow skull birthday cake! I tried to pull it off by saying we were eating steak that night at Texas Roadhouse, the cow skull cake was an appropriate birthday cake. 

Cow Skull Cake The cake was presented on a bed a sand made from brown sugar. The horns were originally made from Rice Krispy treats.  However, after a few attempts molding and squishing the horn shape, it would not keep together.  So in the end, the horns were re-made with hand carved styrofoam covered in white fondant.

The cake was created with a half bottle of Jim Bean. I could be wrong, but when it was served at work after lunch, productivity may have dropped just a bit.