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Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake

The Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake was created on or around 2009-11-07.

Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake The cupcake themed birthday cake was created for my husband and daughter's joint birthday party.  I was inspired by two different cakes on Pink Cake Box's website and merged the designs to create this cake.

Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake The cake is a three-tiered, three flavored cake covered in different mixes of berry and vanilla fondant. The different mixes were created to make the cake fade from darker blue at the bottom tier to light blue at the top (though it is hard to tell the color gradient in the pictures).

Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake The larger-than-life chocolate cupcake on the top of cake is surrounded by a gumpaste molded cupcake paper. The cake tiers are surrounded by chocolate cupcake images created using the same techniques as the Chocolate Face Cake, the Project Plan Cake, the Cowboy Birthday Cake and others.

The flavors of the three tiers were pumpkin/cream cheese, chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, and cookies and cream.