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Cut The Rope Cake

The Cut The Rope Cake was created on or around 2011-02-11.

Cut The Rope Cake The Cut the Rope cake was created for the 2011 Colorado ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) Sweet Times in the Rockies cake show. It is a competition cake and was  entered in the Division 7 (professional) "Cakes for Kids" category where it took first place.

Cut The Rope Cake The cake features 13 different cake decoration techniques to replicate the five different level packs. The boxes are cardboard box, fabric box, foil box, gift box and cosmic box. *

Cut The Rope Cake The cake also features Om Nom, the lovable monster with an insatiable appetite for candy and his nemesis a hungry, yet cute, spider.

Cut The Rope Cake Other game elements represented on the cake are the stars, the rope and the candy.

Cut The Rope Cake Some of the techniques include character modeling with rice treats, tape made of gelatin, sugar glass on the cosmic box, various texturing techniques, stenciling and others.

Cut The Rope Cake  Cut The Rope Cake * A few days after the cake was created, ZeptoLabs released another set of levels in the Valentine's box. Since it didn't exist when the cake was built, it was not represented.