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Black and Green Wedding Cake

The Black and Green Wedding Cake was created on or around 2010-07-10.

Dann And Jen Wedding Cake Dann and Jenn's wedding cake was created for my brother-in-law and his new bride, Jenny. The wedding was held in Denver's City Center park.  The couple gave me a few requirements for the wedding cake:  simple and traditional, for their monogram to be included, and for some flowers. The wedding accent colors were going to be black and light green. The bridesmaids would be carrying green hydrangeas bouquets.  After coming up with eight different designs, I had my friends vote in person and on facebook and the winning design I created.   The couple wanted to be surprised and had no idea what their cake was going to look like until right before they walked down the aisle!

Dann And Jen Wedding Cake The cake was a three-tier fondant-covered competition cake. That is to say, the cake part of this creation was made out of styrofoam so it would survive outside in the July heat, and at times, in the direct sunlight as well.

Dann And Jen Wedding Cake On the back of the cake I created a special area which contained the piece of real cake that the happy couple could use for the cake cutting and eating ceremony. The real cake piece was covered and decorated just like the competition cake and strategically placed green hydrageas marked the section where the couple was to cut.

The wedding reception was fed with four different sheet cake flavors: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Lavendar, Orange-Chocolate and Tuxedo.  Tuxedo is a three-tiered flavor with vanilla and chocolate flavored cake and filling within the same cake.