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Dead Man's Chest Cake

The Dead Man's Chest Cake was created on or around 2009-02-07.

Dead Mans Chest Cake The Dead Man's Chest cake was created for the 2009 ICES "Sweet Times in the Rockies" cake competition. The theme for the competition was "Pirates of the Carribean".  The cake won first place for the extravagent category of the competition.

Dead Mans Chest Cake The Dead Man's Chest cake is a competition cake, meaning it is decorated like a real cake, but the cake part is made of styrofoam. This is because the cakes are expected to be on display for anywhere from several days to a month. An edible cake would just not hold up under those conditions.

Dead Mans Chest Cake This cake is huge. It is estimated that if it were really created at this size, it could easily server over 400 people. Besides the styrofoam, everything created for this cake is edible except fo the supports for the lid and the wire connectors holding the lid to the base and the fishing line in the necklace.

Dead Mans Chest Cake The melting candles were made of red candy melts (chocolate) with licorice wicks, held in a coiled fondant candlestick. The treasure bag was created from fondant and filled with molded sugar diamonds. The treasure map was a printed on edible icing paper and then applied to fondant and laid out to look like realistic folds and bends.

Dead Mans Chest Cake The snakes on the lid and around the sides were created by nailing several rubber snakes to a board in the twisted configuration and then creating a silicon mold. This mold was then used to created serveral fondant copies of the snakes to decorate the cakes.

The skeletal hand was created by hand from gumpaste. The coins were molded using the same technique as the snakes. The jewels are sugar dissolved and cooked to the hard crack stage and poured into jewel molds and the pearl necklace was created by stringing white fondant spheres onto a fishing line.