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Flower Seed Cookies

The Flower Seed Cookies was created on or around 2010-05-05.

Flower Seed Cookies These flower seed cookies were created for Mother's day for both my mom and David's grandma.

Flower Seed Cookies Dave's grandma had a beautiful garden for as long as he can remember and has long loved growing flowers.  My mother also loves working outside in her garden.

Flower Seed Cookies The flower seed cupcakes start as rectangular sugar cookies. I used already printed edible rice paper illustrations for the seed packets from fancyflours.

Flower Seed Cookies The rice paper was adhered to the top of royal icing that had dried on the cookie with piping gel.

Flower Seed Cookies The rice paper blends into the icing so that it appears that the illustrations are right on top of the icing.

The cookies were bagged and tied with ribbon. They survived being sent express mail to Grandma and my mom.