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Groundhog Cake

The Groundhog Cake was created on or around 2006-02-03.

Groundhog Cake The groundhog cake was created as a birthday celebration cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. It features a cute little groundhog popping his head up through a flowerpot, holding a special cupcake for the birthday girl.  The cake was inspired by Colette Peter's groundhog cake in her book "Colette's Birthday Cakes".  This is one of the first 3D cakes I ever tried to attempt in my cake exploration career.

Groundhog Cake The groundhog has a plastic flower on his head. He was carved out of chocolate cake and his fur is created by piping on brown icing using a grass or fur tip. The flower pot is made of chocolate cake as well and wrapped with fondant tiles handpainted with food color gel (that didn't have enough time to dry and therefore started to buckle before long).

Groundhog Cake To go along with the groundhog cake, I created a set of fun groundhog cupcakes. The groundhogs are made of Almond Joy candy. I added candy eyes and teeth and put them on a crushed oreo dirt topping.  I got the idea from a website about celebrating groundhog's day with children.