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Monogrammed Cake

The Monogrammed Cake was created on or around 2009-06-12.

Monogrammed Cake The monogrammed cake pictured here was the first of 20 additional identical cakes created as centerpieces for each of the tables at a wedding.

Monogrammed Cake The prototype cake had one side monogrammed with a red mongram of the couple's initials while the other was decorated with the tan monogram so the bride and her mother could choose which color looked best. These cakes were created along with the Bridal Dress Cake which was created as the cake for the bridal shower.

Monogrammed Cake Each table at the wedding was able to cut and enjoy their own monogrammed cake.

The flavor was yellow cake with strawberry filling and iced with an ivory vanilla buttercream.  Red chocolate dots were placed around the sides.  Fake flowers were placed on top of each cake.