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Ode To Colorado Cake

The Ode To Colorado Cake was created on or around 2009-02-07.

Ode To Colorado Cake The "Ode to Colorado" cake was one of my three entries into the ICES "Sweet Times in the Rockies" cake competition in February 2009.  This cake won first prize in the professional division for tiered cakes and first prize for overall best cake in the professional division.

Ode To Colorado Cake The "Ode to Colorado" cake is a three tiered competition cake, meaning it is decorated and built using standard cake decorating practices except that the part that would be made of cake is actually made of styrofoam.  This is because the cakes are expected to be on display for at least a week or two -- even longer if the cake is a winning cake.  Edible cake layers would degrade too much to be on display for that long.

The background of the cake is decorated using hand drawn swirls of royal icing. You can see the cake at this stage of decoration by taking a look at the Van Gogh Swirls Cake.  After applying the swirls, the cake was decorated on all three tiers with custom chocolate decorations.  These chocolate pieces were created with the same techniques used on the Chocolate Face Cake, the Cowboy Birthday Cake, and several others.

Ode To Colorado Cake At the top of the cake a chocolate sun smiles on Colorado representing the over 300 sunny days per year. Around the sides of the top tier are chocolate clouds on blue and white swirls reprenting the clear blue skies of Colorado.  The clip art templates I used for the sun and clouds came from the Hansen's book "Whimsical Bakehouse".

Ode To Colorado Cake Ode To Colorado Cake The middle tier is wrapped in snowcapped chocolate mountains while chocolate cars drive up to chocolate ski slopes past chocolate signs for I-70 and the Eisenhower tunnel.  Chocolate skiers and snowboarders careen down the slopes of royal icing.

Ode To Colorado Cake On the bottom tier, chocolate buildings and cars surround downtown Denver.

 Together, it combines to represent and Ode to Colorado in a three-tiered cake.