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Paris Birthday Cake

The Paris Birthday Cake was created on or around 2010-08-21.

Paris Birthday Cake The Paris birthday cake was created for a nine year old's birthday celebration.

Paris Birthday Cake The weeks prior, the girl's parents and I performed a surprise room makeover on the girl's room to transform it into a Paris theme.

Paris Birthday Cake The Paris cake was a princess flavored cake with a vanilla buttercream filling covered in pink buttercream frosting.

Paris Birthday Cake It was decorated with handmade chocolate artwork including a chocolate Eiffel tower, chocolate poodle-walking girls, hearts, flowers and other custom chocolate work made using the same technique as the Chocolate Face Cake, Cowboy Birthday Cake and others.

ParisBirthdayCake Here you can see the cake from all angles (if you have javascript enabled). Just drag the image to with your mouse, or move your cursor over the picture and move your mouse wheel up and down to see the cake from another angle.