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Peter Rabbit Cake

The Peter Rabbit Cake was created on or around 2008-02-03.

Peter Rabbit Cake The Peter Rabbit cake was created as a birthday cake for my oldest daughter's 4th birthday.

Peter Rabbit Cake The Peter Rabbit cake is a single tier carrot cake decorated to look like a garden from Beatrix Potter's book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".  The "dirt" on the cake is made of crushed Oreo cookies. The garden is filled with fondant fruits and vegetables, including carrots, cabbage, artichokes and pumpkins.  The watermelons on the cake are so detailed that were you to cut it open, the inside is red and contains poppy seeds to stand in as watermelon seeds.

Peter Rabbit Cake Surrounding the cake are white fence posts made of pastillage.

The cake features two gumpaste rabbit figurines of Peter Rabbit and one of his siblings, both hand painted to look like porcelain.