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Princess Pillow Cake

Princess Pillow Cake The Princess Pillow Cake was the first princess pillow cake I created.  The others can be see with the Blue Princess Pillow Cake and the Triple Princess Tiara Cakes

Princess Pillow Cake The cake was a "princess" flavored cake with cream cheese buttercream filling hand-carved to a pillow shape and then covered in purple fondant.  The sheen is created by applying food-safe glitter using a shaving brush and vodka.  Vodka is used since it evaporates completely and doesn't leave any stickiness like water would.

Princess Pillow Cake The cake was then wrapped in a twisted fondant rope and the edges decorated with fondant tassles.

The tiara is made from white chocolate with edible dragees used as jewels.  The entire creation is edible, from the pillow to the tiara.