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Rapunzel/Tangled Cake

The Rapunzel/Tangled Cake was created on or around 2010-12-06.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake The Tangled / Rapunzel cake was a 12 layer, 4 tiered cake that was created for a 6-year old's "Tangled" themed birthday party. It is an original design incorporating many elements inspired by the new Disney movie. The cake was chocolate with whipped chocolate ganache filling. The top tier has three layers of cake and an inverted ice-cream cone providing the point of the roof.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake Some of these elements include the lanterns which were hung from the tower for Rapunzel's birthday. The lanterns are created with gumpaste and hand-painted and then attached to the cake using curved wires which are seated into straws. This is done so the wires don't touch the cake.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake "Maximus" the horse is created with hand-painted gumpaste and is based off the movie design of the horse.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake The roof is tiled in individually cut and individually hand-modeled fondant shingles. Rapunzel's hair is created with extruded yellow fondant. The Rapunzel model was created by hand from fondant with hand-painted details.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake The designs on the lanterns are hand-painted suns.

Rapunzel Tangled Cake The wanted poster of Flynn Rider is modeled after the posters in the movie. This was a humorous element added due to the repeating joke of the wanted posters being less than flattering to Flynn. The bushes were created by pressing green fondant through a net strainer.

The texture on the sides of the tower was created by pressing a plastic texture sheet into the fondant.