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Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake This sushi cake was inspired by Elisa Strauss and her "Confetti Cakes" cookbook.  It was taken to my husband's work to feed his co-workers. 

Sushi Cake The wood block was a carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream filling and covered in a marblized fondant and painted with brown food gel thinned with vodka.

Sushi Cake The sushi were vanilla cupcakes covered in frosting and rolled in coconut.  They were then decorated with black fondant seaweed to look like different kinds of sushi my family likes to eat.  The chopsticks were made from tan gumpaste extruded from a square die.  A pile of green squished fondant made up the wasbi and the ginger was thin strips of pink fondant stacked in a pile. 

The fish eggs roe was a fun one to come up with on my own.  I used "Hot Tamales" cut in half and then soaked in piping gel to make the color bleed off.  The fish eggs looked very realistic, but thankfully tasted much better than the real life counterpart!