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Pink and Black Birthday Cake

The Pink and Black Birthday Cake was created on or around 2010-02-26.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake The topsy-turvy birthday cake was made for my sister's surprise 40th birthday party.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake When she arrived at the party under false pretenses, she actually thought she was crashing someone else's surprise birthday party. It took quite awhile for it to all sink in.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake The cake is made of four tiers of cake with 3 layers of styrofoam cut at different angles to make the tiers offset.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake The bottom tier of the cake is covered in white fondant and decorated with black fondant stripes. The second tier is hand-painted with abstract flower designs.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake The third tier is decorated with black and pink circles. The top tier is decorated with hand painted swirls and pink dragees. Between the cakes, there are flowers hiding the styrofoam layers, along with hand-made fondant bows in white, pink and black.  The top of the cake is also covered in flowers.

The cake also features a large pink fondant "40" which is held on the cake with wooden dowel rods.  The cake flavors were a dark chocolate stout cake with Irish Cream chocolate ganache and a pink velvet cake with raspberry buttercream.  A cake with pink and black insides to go with the outside theme!