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xkcd Birthday Cake

The xkcd Birthday Cake was created on or around 2010-09-17.

Xkcd Birthday Cake The xkcd birthday cake was created as a birthday cake for my husband's manager at work. It features xkcd comic #218 about how kids who were born around the time when Nintendo came out are now grown ups.

Xkcd Birthday Cake The front edge of the cake features phrase that should be well-known to any gamer -- "The cake is a lie" - from Valve's Portal. If you haven't played it, you really owe it to yourself to play.

Xkcd Birthday CakeThe comic and the other decorations on the cake are made from chocolate (mostly white chocolate).

Xkcd Birthday Cake The remaining three edges of the cake feature doodles which seem to be a running theme through xkcd - graph paper cubes and red spiders. A few of those drawings can be seen here, here or here.

Xkcd Birthday Cake The greeting on the top of the cake is 30 in binary (011110). The comic and the numbers are created by piping the chocolate onto a piece of wax paper, backwards from the desired design.


Xkcd Birthday Cake This is the same technique used in the Cowboy Birthday Cake, the Baby Things Cake, the Chocolate Face Cake, and several others.

The cake was red velvet with cream cheese buttercream frosting.